Monday, July 30, 2012

New Title: "Her Husband's Brother"

Her Husband's Brother

Nora Schaefer's marriage is in shambles. After not seeing each other for three years, her brother-in-law Tom, arrives and old emotions are rekindled. Will she be able to resist temptation? Or will she be swept off her feet by her true prince charming?

Warning, the following story contains adult language, anal sex, light bondage, spanking and a happily ever after. 18+ Only!


Heavy boot steps entered the kitchen, before she could turn, firm hands grasped her shoulders and kneaded. 

“What are you –” She protested and tried to wiggle herself free.

“Ssh. Relax.”

The whisper, just inches from her ear, sent electric sparks to her toes. The tension in her body slipped away as he massaged. She leaned into him for more. 

He slid his palms underneath her shirt and worked at the flesh on her back. 

Knots loosened and Nora bent over, overcome with the sensation of his touch. Fingers brushed the sides of her breasts. His firm erection grazed her bottom. The temperature rose in the room and her panties became dangerously wet.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Title: "Love of Her Unlife"

Love of Her Unlife

Despite their differences, vampiress Liz Duran and forensic scientist Dr. Carl Aldridge are drawn to each other. As their friendship deepens into love, he confesses his feelings for her but will she be able to reveal her true nature to him?
Warning! This story contains mature language, light bdsm elements, masturbation and m/f sex. 18+ only!

The vacant spot next to me became glaringly obvious and I felt a weight crush down on my chest. I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply, hoping to smell his cologne. I strained my ears for his laugh but only heard the waves softly lapping on the shore.

Alone and desperate for touch, my fingers wandered inside my bikini bottoms. My mind returned to the memory of just days previous. Dr. Aldridge opened the door and declared his love to me.

He tore at my jean buttons. Drunkenly, he tripped and fell into the chair. His hands still on my pants zipper released me of the confines of the fabric. He kissed along my lower stomach, my hips and the oh-so-delicate flesh above the sweet spot.

A trail of moisture left behind from his lips hit the chill air. The sensation alone would have been enough to drive me insane but his tongue, Oh God, his tongue, seemed to find where every nerve ending lay just under the skin. 

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

New Title: "XXXtra-Natural (A M/m Erotic Parody)

XXXtra-Natural (A M/m Erotic Parody)

Adopted brothers Sal Smith and Dan Wesson hunt the things that go bump in the night. While on a routine kill, they start to feel urges they've never felt before towards each other. Will they give in? Or will the demoness they're after get the better of them?

Warning! The following 4000 word story has M/m, F/m, anal sex, oral sex, a hungry succubus and adult language. 18+ only!


The motel door slammed behind them, their bodies rigid, unable to look the other in the eye. Neither aware the chanting in their minds that started the second they left the succubus' house was audible to the other. Each word echoed in their head and increased the indescribable desire they felt.

It was Dan who gave in first. He discarded the purchased scotch on the table and pushed his lips to his brother's.

Sal stood in shock, eyes wide, mouth agape, unable to move until the phantom voices grew too loud to ignore. His own mouth responded, along with his hands that tore off his adopted brother's clothing until he wore nothing but the amulet around his neck and a grin.

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Out of respect for ARe and their policies against pseudo-incestuous themes, this story will not be available there.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Bundle: "Rough Country"

After speaking with the amazing Anya Adonis, we decided to produce a bundle of joy together. Look how cute it is!

Rough Country

This bundle contains two hot stories of rough country/western themed gay sex. Both are a little bit off the beaten path of conventional cowboy stories.

Wolf of the West 
by Lacy Fairview 

In the the sleepy town of Deadman's Burden, Sheriff Eli Whitaker is known as a broken man. A tall, dark and handsome stranger enters town and turns Eli's life upside down. How will he cope with his new desires? How will he handle a rough and tumble werewolf lover?  

The following story is 3600 words long.  It depicts rough sex, cowboys and a sexy werewolf. As such, this story is intended for mature audiences. 18+ only!

Outlaw Planet (Gay Cowboy Space Sex)
by Anya Adonis

It's the 29th century and Dirk Williams and his lover Antonio “Two-Fisted Tony” Johnson live and love on the backward planet Mexocal, on the far side of the Milky Way galaxy. Mexocal is a haven, a no man's land for roughnecks, runaways, and outlaws such as themselves. That is until the law threatens to come in.

Warning: this explicit 3300 word story is intended for adults only! It contains graphic descriptions of rough anal sex, forced oral sex, and sweet gay love between two hot, outlaw cowboys. 18+ only!

Available at AReSmashwords, Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New Release: "Night of the Vampire"

Night of the Vampire (Part Two of Paranormal Nights)

Young witch, Lucy Ormand, is as deadly as she is beautiful; something that the vampire, Alistair Noir, finds irresistible. As she continues to struggle with her abilities, Lucy is thrust into his welcoming arms for a lesson in magic she'll never forget! The following story contains anal sex, oral sex, spanking and a tantalizing peak of werewolves to come! 18+ Only!


“Will you bite me,” she whispered.

“Only if you want me to,” I whispered back.

She threw her arms around me and our lips met. Her warm breath stirred me on and I became aroused at our kiss alone.

She looked down and smiled. “Should we go to my room?”

“We could. But this is my house and if I want to take you right here on my dining room table, I will.” I ripped open the buttons on her dress.

Her ivory cheeks flushed red as she covered her exposed flesh.  

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New Release! Night of the Witch

Lucy Ormand's life is changed forever when the handsome vampire, Alistair Noir, reveals that she's the last remaining witch. Will she be able control her new found abilities or her burning desire for him? Or will he take her if even if she's not willing? Warning! This story contains m/f sex, rough play and vampire bites. 18+ Only!